Best Ways to Nurture your Child’s Creativity and Imagination

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The minds of children are always brimming with curiosity. Make sure their potential is always recognized!

Nurturing your child’s creative side early spills over into other areas of their life. When they are encouraged to think out of the box, they will know how to look for new and innovative ways to handle a variety of situations. And when they do, it leads to great things! 

Allow them to express themselves

A child's creativity and imagination could be ignited by being able to express themselves freely. When looking at your child's piece of work, try stating, "Tell me about your picture," or "What do you like most about your work?" as a way to encourage a conversation with them. In this way, children can talk about their process for creation rather than focusing on the end product. Their work (like a drawing or painting) may not have anything to do with making something that others can recognize, but it doesn't take away the fact that it was created for the simple joy of expressing their creativity and imagination.

Do it together

Children imitate their parents, so it helps to lead by example. Think outside of the box to find creative projects that can be enjoyed as a family, whether that’s as simple as drawing together or trying something completely different, like hosting a full-blown musical production right in your living room. Not only is it a great way to spend time together, but it can also be good for your own wellbeing. Who knows – it could lead you to your new favourite hobby too!

Let them see art in everything

As adults, we objectively understand that there is an element of art in everything we see. Nurture your child’s creativity by reminding them that even things which appear mundane or everyday can be the glue that holds creative magic together, and that inspiration can come from the most unexpected places, and even the most unlikely things make for art.

Let them ask questions, too

One of the greatest gifts a parent can offer their children is to encourage an innate gift of curiosity, to support their eagerness to understand all they can about the world they live in, to nurture their hunger to learn new things. This means our listening carefully and willingly to the many questions they ask. By encouraging children to ask questions about what they see or experience, they can better make sense of the world and get more inspiration to pursue their creativity and imagination. Not only that, curiosity is also an important step to gain some sense of control over life--through school, through jobs, through their relationships and interactions with others in the future. 

LifeSavingBooks was started with one girl's creativity, imagination and curiosity. It sparked with a single question: What if? And the rest was history. You never know how your child's capabilities can start something that could help inspire lives...and change the world. As a parent, you must always be ready and willing to support and nurture their creativity and imaginative capabilities, because those  traits can lead to greatness!

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