Small Ways We Can Help Less Fortunate People

Feeding programs

 The world needs micro acts of humanity to help less fortunate people. Let’s do what we can, whether our efforts are big or small. A little help that comes from the heart can ignite someone’s life in times of need. A little help goes a long way, and nothing is more beautiful than helping a…

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Small Ways You Can How Make a Difference in this World

siblings playing with skateboard

“Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little.” –Edmund Burke It doesn’t matter how big or small it is, what matters is that you’re making an effort to make someone’s life a little better and create happiness. Spread kindness, make a difference today! Thank the essential…

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Ways to Raise a Child Who Cares About Others

Big sister comforting younger brother

These tips will give you a starting point to help your children truly care for others. Showing empathy and concern for others is an act of unselfishness. This feeling of concern and compassion for others is a learned behavior, and hopefully, your children can learn it from you. Make them feel important in the family…

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Ways to Raise a Caring and Compassionate Child

calming a crying child

    Virtues are qualities that children learn over time and through practice. These include being a caring and compassionate person. There are many ways that parents can raise a caring and compassionate child. Here are some essential tips. Practice what you preach           Children follow what they see and not…

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Simple Acts of Kindness You Can do Every Day

kids holding umbrellas

    Kindness does not only benefit those who receive the act, it also does something positive for those who are being kind.   Endorphins (a feel-good hormone) are produced in your brain when you do deeds of kindness. Kind people also have less than 23 percent of cortisol, a stress hormone, compared to other…

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