Get to know Scott Turner co-author and co-illustrator of Life Saving Books and proud father of Co Author and illustrator Tia Turner

Scott and Tia Turner Co-Authors and Co-Illustrators of the What If book

Support your children’s pursuits at a young age. Learn how this father started helping make his daughter’s dreams a reality–and formed the fondest memories and a lasting bond along the way. Self-discovery is a process that can take a lifetime, but when your child knows what he or she wants at a young age, you…

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5 Ways to Spread Love on Valentine’s Day

man reaching heart

  Valentine’s Day is often thought of as sharing love with your special someone. However, Valentine’s day does not need to be just that, it can be a day for everyone. Here are 5 ways to spread love on Valentine’s day to your family, friends, colleagues, and others.   Perform acts of kindness. Spreading love…

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