Get to know Tia Turner, the writer and co-illustrator of ‘What If?’

Get inspired by the young author's interests and life aspirations, and her journey to publishing her own book at a young age!

At her young age, Tia Turner has a knack for asking curious questions. Her innate curiosity for this vast world has inspired a little movement, combining her love for reading as well as her big heart to help those in need. With the help of her dad, Scott, they started the Life Saving Books to encourage families to make lasting memories out of reading bedtime stories together and to use the platform to help communities live better lives. 

In starting her journey to becoming a young author, Tia shared that her love for reading has played a big role in taking the leap. The books she read growing up gave her the idea: What if she, herself, could write her own book? "When looking and reading children’s books when I was younger, I always thought it was something that I would be able to do and something I could be proud of," she said.


That little what-if eventually led to her first book, aptly titled What If.

Truly, nothing is impossible--even when you're young. Tia's journey is proof of that. Using her skills to the test, writing her first book became a memorable experience. "The most fun part about writing for me is the fact that I get to put my thoughts and ideas into paper and write them down for people to hear." 


She continued: "I think that What if was the most fun to write because all of the questions and ifs I always wondered about were written down as something I could later be proud of."

Her writing journey did allow some moments of doubts, though. Tia shared that the most difficult part about writing is wondering if there are going to be people out there who do love reading children's books just as much as she does. She wanted to make sure that the passion for reading children's books was evident in what she wrote. 

When asked about her favorite type of book, she shared that she has more interest in books that one can get involved in. "I like to feel like I am doing something and it is talking about something that could happen with and to me."


What sets Tia apart as a young author is that more than publishing her own book, she wanted to use her opportunities to help people in need. "I hope my readers take away a good feeling from a father-daughter book. I also hope that they will help the people who are less fortunate," she said.

"I feel like if people have less than we do why can’t we give a little to help," she added. Sure enough, a part of the proceeds of all Life-Saving Books is used for deprived communities. 


You can become a part of Tia's mission too! Get inspired to use your resources and privileges to help save lives. Learn about the ways you can help here:

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