How to nurture your child’s talent

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       As a parent, you have the choice right NOW to help your kids accomplish something worthwhile in the future.

Children have big dreams, but in their young minds, it can get pretty scary to pursue what they want. As a parent, you play a pivotal role of inspiring your child to have the courage, confidence and certitude to dream. Now, it is important that you do not only help your child to dream but also give your child the right space and tools to nurture his or her dreams. Here are simple ways you can help your child pursue their dreams.

Empower self-confidence

More often than not, a dream can never be achieved without enough confidence in one's capabilities. You need to empower your child to believe in themselves and what they can do, as early as now. Praise them, recognize their accomplishments, listen to their proud moments. Note that the keyword here is self-confidence, not arrogance. It can be difficult to find balance in this, but the best way to do this is to teach respect and assume the responsibilities of their acts. Trust them to believe in themselves but not brag about it in others.

Guide them through goal-setting

Encouraging them to follow their dreams is good, but it won’t get accomplished unless you establish short-term goals and plans that can help achieve it. Teach your kids to set goals, as it will serve them well on their way to adulthood. Talk about their dream in detail, then break it down into smaller goals with deadlines. Help them maintain a positive attitude by encouraging them to enjoy the small progress they achieve.

Focus on their dreams, not your own

It's easy to superimpose your own dreams and success to your own children. But your kids are completely different individuals who have aspirations that can be entirely separate from your own. Pushing your own interests and dreams unto them will often lead to rebellion or apathy. Or they may try and try to like it to please you, and they will feel disappointed in themselves if they end up being mediocre in it while you excel in your field. Let them explore their dreams, give them the freedom to achieve things that they want. After all, it is their life, not yours.

Nurturing a young girl's talent

Life-Saving Books is no stranger when it comes to nurturing a child's talent. In fact, it was born and inspired out of a young girl's curiosity about the world, passion for people, and her talent to share stories. One step at a time, we're helping little Tia achieve her dreams. We hope that you get to support your child's talent too, in your own little way!

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