Importance of Safe and Clean Water

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For some countries, lack of proper water facilities not only breeds disease, it can also rob people of their basic human dignity.

Safe and clean water is something we take for granted often because it's easily available for us. However, it's not the same situation for certain countries. We continue to emphasize the reasons why everyone SHOULD have safe and clean water.

Safe and clean water keeps your body's healthy functions going

It goes without saying that clean water is important for your health. Water is instrumental in regulating and bringing about a series of vital processes within the body, including blood circulation, absorption of vitamins and minerals, saliva production, digestion and temperature regulation. When you consume unsafe water, these important functions are disrupted and your body suffers as a consequence.

Safe and clean water allows you to stay away from danger

Tiny worms and bacteria live in water naturally and some of them can cause devastating disease in humans. Since they can't be seen, they can't be avoided. Hence, every glass of dirty water is a potential killer. Most of these waterborne diseases are found in underdeveloped countries that lack high-tech water systems that filter and chlorinate water to eliminate all disease-carrying organisms.

Safe and clean water keeps you productive

If you've ever had food poisoning, you know how horrible it can be. In developing worlds, students who suffer from waterborne illness can't stay in class. They miss out on the chance to learn. If they're sick, someone else has to take care of them, which means that the second person can't work either. Illnesses used up the budget that's supposed to be for food or school supplies. With few medical resources at their disposal, the poor are particularly vulnerable to chronic illnesses that hinder their productivity, making the escape from poverty even more difficult.

Accessing Clean, Safe Water for all

Most underdeveloped communities all over the world lack enough wells for everyone to have safe drinking water. They often have to fetch water from other remote communities. Communal toilets are unsanitary, leaving families more vulnerable to disease. Bathing took place outside their homes, and there is no safe place for women and girls to change clothes. It's an unfortunate situation knowing that access to clean water SHOULD be a basic human right--something that we do take for granted often. Still, we can make use of our current resources to help those in need. Simply buying a Life Saving Book that your family will certainly enjoy already allows you to help reach out to these communities. 


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