Simple Ways to Build a Reading Routine with Your Busy Family

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Father reading bedtime stories to daughter

A lifelong love for reading starts at home

Fostering a love of reading for the whole family can be extremely helpful especially for the kids, opening more paths to grow and learn. However, as you juggle your professional, personal, and family commitments, it can be difficult to fit a reading routine for the family. If you’re wondering how you can possibly make the time, here are some quick and easy steps you can take to encourage yourself and your kids to add reading into your daily routine.

Create a reading space

Set up an environment for comfortable reading at home. This could be as simple as a cozy chair in the corner with ample lighting, a dedicated space in the kitchen table (so folks can read while someone's preparing dinner), or a rug on the floor (this, kids will certainly love). Choose a place where there is enough room for you and your kids to sit together, either side-by-side or with your child on your lap. Call that area your reading nook as a reminder to make reading a habit at home.

Don't read a whole book all at once

Finding time to read is especially challenging--so don't pressure yourself to finish a whole book in one sitting. You can try to break it up and read it over the course of several days. That way, you can have a routine. Use that as an opportunity to practice reading skills like summarizing to review what happened the last time you read together. This works great for picture books too. You can put a bookmark in their short picture books to teach them a habit they can carry with them as they grow as readers.

Integrate other activities into reading

While reading itself can be fun, enhancing this time with other activities can build your kids’ enthusiasm. Create crafts that coordinate with the story or make connections between the book and your everyday lives. We're certain that your kids will love any chance to be creative, and crafty projects related to their favorite books adds another fun dimension to reading.

Label parts of your house

Opportunities for better reading habits don't just present themselves in books. Everything visible to the eye is a way for your kids to associate things with words, helping them hone their reading skills. Help them notice the opportunities that are all around them. Label things throughout the house or point out words on signs when you’re out and about. Soon, your kids won’t be able to stop themselves from reading everything in sight.

How do you and your family make time for reading?

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