The Water Crisis: The Importance of Clean Water to Health and Education

Many more children regularly miss school because they are too ill to attend. One of the reasons they get sick in the first place is because of unclean water.

Clean water is something that we often take for granted because it's so easily available to us. But the opposite is the reality for some people, especially children. Growing up without access to something that should be a basic necessity? It's about time we start talking more about the importance of clean water for these kids. They are, after all, the future.

Clean water keeps students in school

Imagine having to skip class because you need to collect water for your home. It may sound like a ridiculous excuse to not be in school but this is the reality for some children. Many students especially in underdeveloped countries spend most of their time helping their household gather enough water that can only be taken from remote, inaccessible places. The work of collecting water takes so much time and effort that they end up having to skip school in order to fulfill the task they need to do for their family. At the end of the day, which one carries a more immediate need? Water for their family's basic needs or their education? Sadly, the former is often the answer.

Clean water helps children avoid diseases

It's common knowledge that dirty water is harmful to a person's body but when you have no immediate access to safe water, you really have no choice but to make do with whatever is available. For some, that means consuming unclean water for their everyday needs like taking baths, preparing food and even drinking. The result is often an outbreak of diarrheal diseases that can lead to death. This is especially a hard truth for children who have weaker immune systems. These days, we've been told how important proper handwashing is with clean water and soap--but that's out of the question too for many underprivileged communities.

Clean water can ultimately help children have a better future

Clean water keeps children healthy and helps avoid preventable diseases. When they're healthy, they can go to school. When they go to school, they have the chance to study more and enter opportunities to get them to good universities. From there, they will have foothold to go after the careers that they want. When they have better work opportunities, they can earn better income. With better income, they can get themselves and their family (as well as their future families) out of poverty and lead more comfortable and happier lives.  


Clean water is a basic right. It should be accessible to every single person in the entire planet. Help us reach our dream of helping more communities gain access to clean water. As human beings, we owe them. Save a life with Life Saving Books!

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