Ways to Strengthen a Parent-Child Relationship

Connection is as essential to us parents as it is to our children.

We are too often preoccupied with the day to day hustle that we tend to forget the most important thing in life —our family. Shifting our focus to create a long-lasting bond especially with our kids is not easy, but it’s very well worth it. Here are some ways you can reach out to them.

Allow open communication

Some parents feel that children giving negative feedback or voicing opinions are talking back. But if you can demonstrate taking feedback with grace, your child will learn to do that, too, when you give them feedback. Letting your child have a voice also boosts their self-confidence.

Be a part of playtime

Kids learn through play. If their kind of play isn't your cup of tea, try to find an activity your child likes that you ALSO ENJOY doing. For instance, board games are always engaging and educational...and fun for both kids and adults.

Use positive discipline

Using punishment is the most common way that hurts a parent's relationship with their kids. Discipline means to teach, not to punish. Using positive parenting to discipline can strengthen your bond. This also doesn't entail that you're being permissive because you still set reasonable rules and enforce them. It just means you don’t become mean or punitive when your child breaks your rules. Using positive discipline means teaching, guiding and correcting your child in a kind and firm way.

Keep an eye on their little joys

Little things lead to a prosperous life. As a parent, you know your child's interests and habits more than anyone. Surprise them with something that is related to their interests. It doesn't have to be anything big. The fact that you recognize them and their interests is more than enough.

Read together

Reading to your children provides a great opportunity to set up a regular, shared event that you both can look forward to. With shared reading, your child will trust and expect that you will be there for them. Reading a favorite book to your children not only helps you bond with them, but also gives them a sense of intimacy and well-being, and encourages positive growth and development.


How do you try to bond with your kids?

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